What’s This About?

The biggest question is “Why? Why another blog dedicated solely to brownies?”

To which I say, “Why not?”

So many brownies, and I’d like to eat them all.

Join me on my delicious journey!


11 thoughts on “What’s This About?

  1. I’m so pleased I’ve discovered your blog! I am also searching for the perfect brownie recipe. I’ve tried a few very good ones and not so good ones, and I won’t give up until I’ve found my ‘go to’ recipe!

  2. I have been on a quest for the best brownie – so glad to find you! Ina’s is up there – but I keep believing there’s gotta be one more out there. I’ll keep baking with you to find it!

  3. I’ve always liked brownies but for some reason have never tried baking them myself. But now that I’ve stumbled upon your blog I might just have a go today =) Thanks for the recipes!

  4. Happy National Brownie Month! BTW, it’s also Brownie & Brunch Month, another reason not to ask why. Any month of brownies is fine by me.

    Now, which recipe should I try first???

  5. I love this! I just came across your blog during a bout of sugar craving. Now I just want a brownie. Can’t wait to see all the brownie’s you’ll make!!

  6. I say why not as well. There are so many variations of this amazing treat that one is never enough.

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  7. I am nominating you for the One Lovely Blog Award…
    Whether it be through photography, content, or writing style the blogs I nominated make me smile, make me laugh, make me think, and inspire me. Everytime I look at your blog I get the overwhelming desire to make and eat every single one of these brownies, thanks for sharing the recipes and inspiring me to, well, eat more chocolate 🙂

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