The Brownie Project Top 10 List for 2009

I have to admit, coming up with a “Top 10” brownie list was more difficult than I imagined it would be. There are so many variables to consider with each recipe – but I think I’ve got it down.

Instead of just listing the Top 10, I’m also providing a brief synopsis of each recipe – I think this will help if you’re trying to decide which one to make.

Ready? Here they are:

#1 – Outrageous Brownies (Ina Garten) – these are still my all time favorite. They do contain a lot of coffee, and are loaded with chocolate chips. Intensely flavored.

#2 – Supernatural Brownies (Nick Malgieri) – these are really rich, and pack a serious chocolate punch. They almost pushed Ina’s recipe out of the #1 spot.

#3 – Deep Dark Brownies (Baked) – these run parallel to the Supernatural Brownies. They are just what the name describes – deep and dark (and delicious!)

#4 – Amaretto Brownies (Tyler Florence) – yes, they do contain alcohol, but these are my husbands favorite – and he usually doesn’t like brownies. These aren’t as rich as the first three recipes, which is probably why he likes them so much.

#5 – King Arthur Brownies –  for a brownie made strictly with cocoa powder, these are seriously chocolatey. I think they are a good choice when you don’t want something strongly flavored with coffee or alcohol.

#6 – Perfect Brownies for Kids – these come highly recommended from a 10 year old – and he samples a LOT of brownies. These are mild, but chocolatey enough to satisfy.

#7 – Sour Cream Brownies (Nick Malgieri) – these are light on the chocolate flavor, and very cake-like, with a pleasant tang from the sour cream. I think they would make a great base to a sundae.

#8 – Triple Chocolate Brownies (Anna Olson) – very hefty, intense, and more like a fudgy chocolate cake than a brownie. But worth every bite.

#9 – Classic Brownies (Dorie Greenspan) – sturdy, with the “traditional” brownie flavor. A good all-purpose choice – they aren’t too strongly flavored but can definitely hold their own.

#10 – The Farm Brownies – very, very rich, decadent and very chocolatey. I actually made these twice in one month – I ate the test brownie before I photographed it. These will satisfy any chocolate craving – and then some.

As always, brownies are a very subjective matter – what works for me may or may not work for you. My goal was just to outline the 10 recipes that I liked best this year. I have two new recipes coming up in December – so come back soon!


7 thoughts on “The Brownie Project Top 10 List for 2009

  1. See what you’ve done, Megan?! I already have MY favorite brownie recipe (which is my adapted version of Dorie’s Tribute to KH brownies) and then you go and give us a list of Top 10. Now look what I have to do, I have to compare them. So rude, I tell you! 😉 Oh, and seriously, thanks.

  2. Thanks so much for doing this! The descriptions are great for picking the brownie that suits your own tastes. Of the ones I’ve made, the supernatural ones were definitely at the top. But now I think I need to bake the rest – I never tried Ina’s recipe!

  3. I found your site a few months ago when searching for a recipe which I could call my ‘perfect’ brownie.

    I decided to make the Outrageous Oreo Brownies first (because they looked amazing!) then work my way through the other recipes until I found my favourite. Well, I fell in love with the oreo brownies instantly, and called off the search (my own ‘brownie project’ was a short one!). I have made them a few times and they never disappoint.

    I still want to try your other recipes though, and it will be easier to choose which ones to make next now that you have put them in order of greatness 🙂

    Thanks for the list, and thanks for introducing me to my ‘perfect’ brownies!

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